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Chakra Shaking

a divine movement experience
for body mind & soul

About the Creator:

Chakra Shaking is the brain child of visionary healer, Maggie Moore. Maggie has created a unique movement experience that combines her Nia teacher training experience, Master Reiki energy practice and with her connection to source.


When Maggie isn't dancing, you can find her working with clients with her energy healing treatments or designing a sacred piece of jewelry to wear on their healing journey. Learn more about this dynamic woman at

Everything is energy.

Energy needs to move to be released.

When you move, you return to the present moment.

When you shift your energy, you balance your chakras.

Sacredly sweat while you heal from the inside out.

Redefine your mind and body connection.

Redirect your energy and let go.

Remember your sacredness.

What is Chakra Shaking?

Chakra Shaking is a joy-filled moving meditation!


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