Healing Heart Workshop
Time to Move Through Your Emotions

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The truth is you might not know how you are feeling. You just know you are not feeling like yourself these days. We have been through an incredible collective trauma over the past few years. It's time to move through all of the emotions so that you can feel more like YOU again!


The body can store all of your emotions and the beautiful act of shifting our energy through movement can RELEASE them from their hold on you. 


Let Maggie Moore lead you in an authentic dance to HEAL YOUR HEART!


There are no dance steps or choreography to learn. All you will need is your breath, the music and Maggie’s voice. Maggie will act as a guide giving you permission to dive deep into feelings in a safe container. You  will shake, shimmy, growl and groove your emotions. Never lingering on one, rather allowing them all to FLOW.

What Does The Workshop Look Like?

I will start with a small introduction aboutmy work as a healer and creator of Chakra Shaking. I  will talk about how the body plays such an important role in releasing emotions that can get stuck. Sharing about the Chakra System and the connection to crystals to help heal, I will focus on the Rose Quartz stones as they will become a part of your workshop experience.


Then we will DANCE! I will play with a range of songs to inspire your emotions to come out and play. You will have permission to stay internal in your dance or as wildly as you like. There is power in being seen. We feed each other in our shared dance experience.


After we have shifted through our emotions, I will lead you through a heartfelt meditation while you rest on the floor. I will come around to each participant and offer healing Reiki energy to clear your Chakras and settle your spirit. I will place a Rose Quartz Heart Stone on your heart. You will get to take the Heart Stone home with you. This stone will act as a Talisman and reminder of your powerful experience together.

What Will I Need to Join?

A journal,

yoga matt

BIG bottle of water

an open MIND and HEART

Are you READY?

I am so excited to be able to share this work with you!

Click the link below and LET'S DO THIS!