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Student Testimonials

"As strange as it seemed to me - I went in with an open mind about dancing at 8am. This is just before starting my work day.

Maggie eased us into a tranquil movement with her song selection and guided words. Before I knew it, I was moving, flowing, shaking and smiling as the music and melody drifted and shook my bones across the room! I didn’t want it to end.

20 minutes came and went, leaving me energized and invigorated for the rest of the day. It was incredible."
"I did my first chakra shake last week and it helped me to reset my frame of mind that morning. When we finished the shake, I could literally feel energy pulsing throughout my body and I had cleared out any negative energy from my head and body."
“Maggie’s classes are not about “dancing". They are sacred movement. They are healing. They are transformative. They are pure therapy for the body AND the soul.” 
“Maggie is such an amazing spirit and absolutely shines in her dance flow. I enjoyed the Chakra shimmy and it stirred up alot of emotions in me. It truly made me realize how many blockages I need to work on.”
“Maggie holds great space as an instructor with her contagious enthusiasm which is both enlightening and healing at the same time.  You leave her class feeling like you’ve had both a physical and spiritual workout (and a lot of fun)!  I have been dancing with Maggie since 2009… a year of great change for me.  Dancing to amazing music and feeling like part of a community was transformative for me.”
“Dancing with you and the group was fabulous Maggie! I loved just letting go. And then focusing on the root chakra. It helped me let go of the stress of the day and focus on me. ”
“Dancing with Maggie is, for me, becoming one with the wind. I don't worry. I just let go. And this is usually so hard for me.I love her classes.”
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