Chakra Shaking Offerings


What are Dance Breaks all about?

Maybe you are hesitating joining something you just don't quite get
Maybe you stopped in for a class and wasn't sure what to do with your body
Maybe you have so many invitations that you've deleted this without giving it a try
Or Maybe you LOVE dancing and want join our class just for another opportunity to move your body 


All are WELCOME! We are designed to move. We are made of energy and one amazing way to direct that energy into all the goodness you are here on this earth to create is dance!

I am going to walk you through what our 20 minute Dance Breaks look like. Make sure to wear something comfy because I am sure the tunes will be playing.

I will also introduce you to your chakra centers and talk about each of the chakras. We will talk about the magic in emboding your day through movement and I will guide you into ways to move that you might not realize is possible....

It's FREE and It's just for you so come with questions! 

Monday January 24 6pm EST

Here is the zoom link for the ABCs Class!
Meeting ID: 422 530 7158
Passcode: 095536

Maggie is offering 20 minute Dance Breaks

All classes are happening on Zoom EST!

Mondays 9am

Tuesdays 8am

Thursdays 8am

Fridays 9am


Contact Maggie HERE to request to JOIN!

First Month is Always FREE!

Donations accepted after First Month!

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  • Chakra Shaking can be done barefoot or with athletic shoes

  • Always a good idea to hydrate and stretch before and after.

  • Maggie's music selections will to be available for you to listen to at home through spotify or she can send you the set list.

  • Be prepared to sweat, shimmy and shake off your day.

  • Adaptable for all fitness levels.

  • You are 100% responsible for your body and movements.